What is Jacquard Knitwear?

Jacquard knitwear is created from a type of fabric that's made by weaving yarns together. The yarns are woven into a pattern, which helps give the fabric its distinctive look. The patterns can be very intricate and beautiful. Jacquard knitwear is often used to create sweaters, hats, and other items of clothing.


The process of jacquard knitting began in the early 1800s in France, when Joseph-Marie Jacquard invented the first mechanical means to create patterns in textiles. This process was used to make lace and other ornamental fabrics, but it wasn't until the 20th century that jacquard knitwear became popular as an everyday garment.


The Baby Alpaca jacquard knitwear that we feature in our  Spirit of the Andes collections is lovingly crafted by a small family owned artisan company in Peru who create exclusive limited edition clothing in tens rather than thousands. Incredibly soft, our garments are light and cool in summer, yet warm and snug in winter.