What is Baby Alpaca Fibre?

Baby alpaca fibre is a highly sought-after material that is used to create some of the most luxurious knitwear in the world. Soft and warm, baby alpaca fibre is known for its silky texture and lightweight feel, making it perfect for all kinds of garments, from scarves to sweaters.

Where does Baby Alpaca fibre come from?

Baby alpaca fibre comes from the undercoat of the alpaca, unlike sheep’s wool, which is sheared once per year, alpaca fleece is only harvested every two years. Baby alpaca refers to the first shearing of the animal, which produces the softest, finest fibres. The term Baby alpaca refers to where the wool comes from on the alpaca, and not how old the alpaca is. This special fibre is sheared from the neck and chest area of an alpaca and can also be found on the back, which is also referred to as the 'blanket'.


This type of fibre can come from alpacas of any age. However, fibre diameter increases as alpacas age, so in reality more baby alpaca fibre can be harvested from younger alpacas, which is why most baby alpaca fibre comes from alpacas that are no more than 2 years old.

Why Choose Baby Alpaca Fibre?

Because the fibres are so fine, they can be spun into very thin yarns, which give knitwear a delicate, lightweight feel. But even though baby alpaca yarn is thin, it is also incredibly warm, making it ideal for winter garments.


There are a number of reasons why people choose baby alpaca fibre for their knitwear. Some of the benefits include:


Softness: Baby alpaca has a luxurious, silky texture that is incredibly soft to the touch.
Warmth: Despite the fine texture of the fibre, baby alpaca yarn is very warm, making it perfect for cold winter days.
Durability: Because the fibres are so thin, they are strong and durable, which means your knitwear will last for many years.
Sustainable: Alpacas are a more sustainable source of fibre than sheep, as they require less water and produce less waste.


What Knitwear Can Be Made with Baby Alpaca Fibre?

Baby alpaca fibre can be used to create all kinds of knitwear, from delicate shawls to warm, cozy sweaters. The lightweight texture of the fibre makes it perfect for lace patterns and delicate stitches, while the warmth of the yarn makes it ideal for winter clothing.

You may find baby alpaca knitwear in a range of styles and colours, from classic neutrals to bold, bright hues. The versatility of the fibre means that it can be used to create a wide range of garments, from everyday sweaters to special occasion shawls.


Whether you’re looking for a cozy sweater or a delicate shawl, knitwear made from baby alpaca fibre is an excellent choice. With its soft texture, lightweight feel, and incredible durability, baby alpaca fibre is the perfect material for all kinds of knitwear. So why not add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe with this beautiful, sustainable fibre?