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Meet Our Artisan Family

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Established in 1993, Spirit of the Andes is the leading UK Clothing Brand in Alpaca Clothing, Pima Cotton T-Shirts, Nightdresses and Alpaca Knitwear.

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Luxury Alpaca Knitwear, Pima Cotton T Shirts & Nightwear

Peruvian Alpaca is one of the most luxurious natural fibres in the world, supremely warm in winter yet cool and elegant in summer. Our Alpaca fibre comes from alpacas that live in high altitude locations in the Andes Mountains of Peru along with llamas and vicunas, many living free grazing at high altitudes, and also semi-domesticated living on farms. The clean air, richness of flora and fauna, and the unique ecosystem allow Andean species to thrive, and to provide us with the most fantastic fibres in the world.


Our Pima Cotton is grown in the coastal valleys of northern Peru and is believed by experts to be the finest cotton in the world, highly prized for its superb softness, brilliant lustre and exceptional durability.


Our Pima Cotton and Alpaca Clothing is made by families of artisan knitters in Peru in South America, where we source the most luxurious of alpaca and Pima cotton fibres. We work closely with them to provide for both their families and to provide their expertly knitted luxury alpaca knitwear for our loyal customers in the UK and around the world.

- Please call us on 01908 991069 -

Our dedicated team looks forward to meeting and speaking with you to provide excellent service and the very best in Luxury Pima Cotton T-Shirts, Sumptuous Pima Cotton Nightwear, Nightdresses and Alpaca Knitwear Clothing.


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